Are you wondering how our company decided on it’s name? Here are some of the reasons we picked it.

It’s Original

Having a unique name is important. It’s easier to build a brand and leave a lasting impression on a customer when your name stands out. Many other names for pharmacies have already been done or are being used in different parts of the country, and we also didn’t want to infringe on anybody’s trademark.

It’s Short

Wouldn’t it be annoying if the name of a business you shopped at had 49 syllables and twice as many letters? Keeping our business name short helps make it more memorable and easy to say.

It’s Positive

Many business and product names are chosen because they sound positive or have and uplifting sound. That was an important factor in deciding on a name for the pharmacy. It also reflects the outlook we desire for our team members. We look to hire people who can aways find a way to see the positive elements in every situation.

It’s Historical

Although someone new to our business might not know this, the founder of DANWINS Pharmacy has owned the domain name for over 10 years. It was a natural fit to transfer that branding to this business.

It’s Unusual

Most people who teach memory retrieval techniques will tell you to link important information you’d like to remember to something really, really weird. The stranger the link, the more likely you will be to remember it. Things that are different get attention. Hey you’re reading this page right?

These are just a few of the reasons that we picked DANWINS Pharmacy as our company name. We hope that to you, our name becomes synonymous with convenient, friendly service.